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The sundae driver is an Indica-dominant hybrid taste from the Shorties carts brand. It is produced from crossing Grape Pie strain and FPOG, very strong and calm high. The potency of this strain provides consumers a 2 pouch to the body and head and shorties disposable is no different. The shorties sundae driver that we use in making is the oil for this flavor like all other shorties vape all homegrown.

Shorties Disposable Vape

Just like the bold American strains from which she descends, Sundae Drivers has a top aroma that rightly balances candy-like sweetness and berry/grape aromas with underlying notes of earth and spiced vanilla. Containing roughly twenty-four perfect THC, a few tokes of Sundae Driver will leave you feeling elated, satisfied, and motivated. Enjoy her in little doses in the morning or before tackling creative jobs, or in bigger doses in the evening when it is time to unwind. Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable

Sundae driver is 50% sativa and 50% indica. These plants boast a typical hybrid structure with medium-sized board and internodes, and dynamic foliage. They grow to 3- 4.6 feet tall indoors and up to 70.2 inches under the sun. Her powerful genetics make sure Sundae drivers grow vigorously all through her vegetative stage, before flowering for 8-10 weeks. At harvest time, she will reward you with tight, dense flowers glistening with very aromatic resin. While yield varies depending on your skill and setup, Sundae drivers produce up to 14.1 – 15.9 oz/m indoors and up to 17.6 oz outdoors. Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable

Breeders created this hybrid by crossing FPOG, a balanced hybrid with a sweet flavor reminiscent of the cereal it named after, and Grape Pie, a bold indica-learning American favorite in turn, Sundae Driver shows a decant sweet fruit aroma, extra-high resin production, and stunning effects.

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Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable

I can tell you that Sundae Driver is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its strong and calming effects. It is created by crossing the Grape Pie strain with FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG). Sundae Driver has a sweet and fruity aroma with notes of berries, grapes, earthiness, and spiced vanilla. Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable

The Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable vape, like other Shorties vape products, is made using homegrown ingredients. It is designed to provide a potent high with a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects. It is recommended for enjoyment in smaller doses during the day for a creative boost or in larger doses in the evening for relaxation. Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable

If you’re interested in purchasing the Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable or any other Shorties products, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting licensed dispensaries to inquire about availability. They can provide you with information on where to purchase their products and any other details you may need. Shorties Sundae Driver Disposable


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