Shorties Grand Daddy Purple Disposable


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Shorties Grand Daddy Purple Disposable

The Shorties Grand Daddy Purple Disposable is a product offered by the Shorties brand. Grand Daddy Purple, often abbreviated as GDP, is a well-known indica-dominant strain. It is recognized for its vibrant purple hues, grape and berry flavors, and potent relaxing effects.

The Shorties Grand Daddy-Purple Disposable vape provides a convenient and pre-filled vaping experience with the flavors and effects of the Grand Daddy Purple strain. The disposable vape pen typically contains a specific amount of oil or concentrate, allowing for easy and discreet use.

To purchase the Shorties Grand Daddy Purple Disposable or any other Shorties products, it is recommended to visit the official Shorties brand website or reach out to authorized retailers and dispensaries. They can provide you with information on availability, pricing, and where to purchase their products.


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